Single Women Brisbane – How And Where To Meet Single Girls In Brisbane For Sex, Dating And More

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Have you been finding it hard to meet single women in Brisbane? Do you find all your mates have girlfriends, and you’re stuck spending Friday nights on your own, googling ‘where can I meet single ladies?’.

Brisbane is a beautiful city, and a great place to live. But city life can be busy, and it can be tricky to find single girls in Brisbane to chat with, date, or even just have casual relationships.

That’s why online dating is so great – it’s the best place to find single women across the city, and you can start chatting with girls straight away, from the comfort of home, or even from work or the gym.

Online dating can be overwhelming when you first start so we’ve put together some tips to help you find single ladies online, as well as dating advice on how to talk to single women free and meet them in real life.

Dating apps and hookup websites can help you meet single girls for free, with none of the pressures that usually come with trying to meet girls. It can help you weed out what you do and don’t like.

There are apps that can help you find fun, and hookup Brisbane wide, or meet someone special that you can perhaps start a relationship with.

There are plenty of great places to meet single women too, if you want to widen your search in real life to find all the different single ladies Brisbane has to offer.

33 Online Dating Tips For Guys To Find, Meet And Hookup More Brisbane Single Girls For Sex

1. Find the right dating app or site

There are hundreds of dating apps and sites out there – choosing one that works for you is an important first step to meet single girls. Do a bit of research, figure out what each one is about; some are very general, where others can be more specific, even niche.

For example, some websites may be aimed at finding single older ladies, so that is a great place to start if you’re looking to meet someone more mature.

Or, you may be looking for something really specific, such as single women swingers – there are sites for that too, and everything in-between.

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2. Use a few different apps or websites

You don’t have to stick with just one! The best way to maximise your chances of meeting single girls in Brisbane is to use more than one app or website.

All of them are different in small ways, some are great for meeting single ladies looking for love, whereas others may be better for finding casual sex Brisbane wide.

Each app or site has different ways of finding matches and communicating too, so it’s a good way to find which ones you’re more comfortable with.

3. Be prepared

Think about who you want to meet, and what you want. It’s good to take some time at the beginning and really think about what you’re after. Are you looking for sexy single girls to chat to, flirt with and maybe even date, or do you just want to meet single women for sex?

Not only is it good to be clear on this from the get go, but it will help you create a great profile, designed to attract the type girls you are looking for.

4. Be flexible

Although it’s good to be clear about what you want, it is also good to be flexible. You may only be looking for no strings dating Brisbane wide, but you may find yourself meeting someone you really like.

Or you may be interested in meeting certain types of women with different physical characteristics or of a certain age, like single ladies over 30, but instead find yourself really attracted to someone younger or even older. Go with it!

5. Create a profile

This is important – with online dating, first impressions matter more than perhaps anywhere else. Having a good profile can really help to maximise your chances of finding the right single women in Brisbane, whatever you are looking for. Make sure you put some thought and effort into your profile, and target it to appeal to the women you want to attract and meet.

There are a few basic rules to follow: try to find a balance between confident and modest, don’t brag too much and don’t include anything offensive or distasteful.

6. Be honest about what you’re looking for

You can be clear about what you’re after (while still being respectful) by putting some thought into your profile and caption.

This will save time and effort for both you and the girls you’re trying to meet. If you’re keen to meet girls for casual encounters Brisbane style, make it clear you’re not after anything serious, and you can make your profile a little more cheeky or flirty.

Alternatively, if you want to attract single women over 35 (for example), or want something more than just to meet single girls for sex, make sure your profile reflects that and your description is appropriate for a more mature woman.

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7. Choose a good photo

This point carries on from the previous point, with a few extra things to consider. When you’re trying to meet single ladies online, photos are one of the main things that determine whether or not you get a match. Again, remember what kind of woman you are wanting to attract.

Always have more than one photo, and make sure women looking at your profile can easily tell who you are in your photos (no random, blurry group shots of all your mates).

8. Ask for help

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help! Ask your friends, ask girls from work, your sister…get them to look at your profile, and see what they think. Just be honest, and ask your friends ‘I want to meet single girls in my area, do you have any tips?’

Find out what has worked for them with their online dating profiles. Online dating is so normal these days, and it’s much more embarrassing to have a crappy profile than to ask people around you for their advice.

9. Just start chatting

Although some sites only let single women contact you to start a convo, most sites are a bit more relaxed. After you have matched, don’t wait around for her to show interest and take the next step. Bite the bullet, and start talking to her.

Don’t waste time, but make sure you don’t just send ‘hi’ or ‘what’s up’. Have a look at her profile, find something of interest, and start with that. For example ‘Hey, I saw from your profile you love travelling, what’s your favourite place?’.

And (in general) don’t be creepy, especially straight away. There’s a different between flirty and sleazy, so let her instigate any naughty talk. That being said, if you’re on an adult dating Brisbane site or app, that kind of stuff is tolerated a bit better.

10. Be yourself

There’s no point pretending you like certain things or feel a certain way when you don’t. They will find out eventually!

11. Meet up

After a few messages back and forth, bite the bullet and ask to meet up. Not only does this save time, it shows her you are serious and makes sure you aren’t wasting time chatting with someone you have no real chemistry with. Single ladies Brisbane are busy, and will appreciate you showing a real interest in them.

12. Call her

Once you’ve had a few chats and you like her, ask if you can give her a call. It’s a great bridge between just chatting online and meeting up in real life. Make sure she is cool with it first – ask her something like ‘hey, is it ok for me to call you for a quick chat?’

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13. Make a Date

Once you’ve had a chat, and she’s agreed to meet up – plan and commit to a date. Don’t let your work and efforts dwindle away or be wasted.

Meet her in person, make sure you’re on the right track and hopefully you can go on from there. Hot tip – casual dating Brisbane can be tough, so going out for dinner isn’t usually the best idea unless you have great chemistry and conversations already.

Try something shorter, or fun, so you have something to chat about and you aren’t stuck for ages in an awkward silence.

14. Go to dating site events

Often, dating websites or apps will hold ‘events’ in large cities, like Brisbane, which are full to the brim with hot horny single girls.

The best part is that everyone is there for the right reasons – to drink, meet other singles, hook up and have fun, so it’s one of the greatest places to find casual encounters Brisbane.

15. Be chill

Even though you may be feeling the vibe, don’t message or harass someone you’ve just met or started speaking to, even if you think it went well.

Be cool, let them set the tone, and remember – it’s always good to leave them wondering, just a little. You don’t always have to message back straight away.

16. Don’t get attached too early

Even if things seem amazing, or that they’re heading in the direction you want them to, remember that early on, any relationship (whether it’s just casual or a bit more serious) can easily change direction. Don’t blame yourself if this happens.

And don’t be too into it too quickly – it can turn a girl off very fast. Take each day as it comes, and remember things can change quickly, especially early on.

17. Stay SAFE

Not a super sexy tip, but a smart one (and smart is sexy). Make sure the person you are speaking to is who they really are – check out their social media, or have a chat on the phone.

And never ever send money or give out personal or financial info until you know they’re legit.

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18. Dating Sites

If you’re wondering where to find single ladies the easy way, or just want casual hook ups, try apps like Tinder or Plenty of Fish. You get a quick response, they’re easy and fun to use and almost everyone is on them.

If you want someone to come to you, try posting personals Brisbane – there are plenty of great sites, like Locanto and

19. Dating Apps

If you want to find sex or something kinky, try websites or apps like Adult Friend Finder – great for the more kinky Brisbane fuck, or ‘Fling Finder’, which is great for meeting FWB Brisbane. There really is a site or an app for everything!

20. 3 things a woman is thinking when she first meets you

Funnily enough, the first thing she will be thinking isn’t about you at all, but about her. Something along the lines of ‘how do I look’ or ‘does he think I’m hot’.

Secondly, her thoughts will be around your attractiveness, whether she finds you physically attractive, or something like ‘he has kind eyes’ or ‘he’s nice and tall’ (this one especially when you first meet tall single girls, they love meeting guys taller than them) or ‘I like how he’s dressed/how he holds himself/how he speaks’.

Remember, attraction is very varied, and not always strictly physical for women. Thirdly, it’s pretty simple: if she thinks you’re cute, she will probably be wondering ‘is he single?’.

21. The main ways a woman subtly indicates she’s willing to sleep with you tonight

Women can be sneaky, and it’s not often she will come right out and say. However, sometimes, if you pay enough attention, you may see a few hints. The main tell is body language – if she is leaning towards you, showing skin, pouting her lips, pushing her cleavage together…she is pretty keen.

If she casually lets you know she is free for the rest of the night, or lingers when saying goodbye, then it’s likely she wants to continue the date somewhere more private. Or, if she is extra flirty, touching you a lot or brushing up against you, you’ve got a great shot.

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22. Dating app conversation starters

When you start online dating, it can be hard to find out much about the girl you want to chat with. Try checking out her profile, and her photos, and go from there; for example, if you’re chatting with a tattooed single girls, ask her where she got her tattoos, or what they mean.

If a girl has mentioned in her profile that she likes animals, ask which one is her favourite. If she has plenty of travel photos, ask where her favourite place has been, or where she wants to go next.

Putting a little bit of thought in shows you’re interested, and have already made enough effort to read through her info.

If you’ve met her through sex classifieds Brisbane, you can be sure that sex can come up quickly, perhaps on the 5th text message, but remember, she’s a woman, so don’t just make it known to her that that’s the only thing you want.

Make sure you show some interest in knowing her as a person, even if it’s only going to be for a few hours.

23. Conversation topics to avoid with a woman

Don’t talk about other women that you find attractive (actually, avoid talking about other women at all where you can). She will bring it up forever, even if it’s a celebrity. And you don’t need to talk too much about your exes, or hers for that matter.

Don’t ask her about her relationship with her mother, feminism, or The Bachelor either (unless you need to fall asleep really fast).

24. 3 angles to NOT approach women from

Girls these days are savvy, and have seen it all, so don’t bother with the cheesy lines. And they will see straight through the less obvious ones too – for example, don’t try to get them to meet you, or to send you photos, by pretending you’re a photographer or you work for a brand that is interested in them. Not only is it shady, but she can see right through you.

Don’t try to push a sob story, or to make her feel sorry for you. Not only is that not a turn on, but do you really want someone to date you because they pity you?

And don’t approach her pretending to be someone you’re not, like a sports star or ‘influencer’. It’s pretty easily discovered, and will just make you seem fake.

25. Don’t send these 5 things via text

‘K’ has to be the absolute worst text to receive, from anyone. Even if both your hands have fallen off, you have to do better than that. Also, don’t ever say ‘we need to talk’ and then not answer your phone for a few hours. You’ll be in trouble.

Don’t say ‘I love you’ via text, if it’s the first time. You have to say it in person, or it doesn’t count.

And, on the flip side, don’t ever try to break up with a girl via text either, with something like ‘it’s not working out’ or ‘I think we should see other people’. It’s rude, and quite disrespectful to be honest.

And don’t send rude pictures until you know a – that she is who she says she is, and b – that she actually wants to receive them.

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26. If she stops responding to your messages, firstly try giving her a little space

It may not be because of you, she may have other commitments (exams, a heavy workload, family issues) and hassling her will just add to her problems.

If she still hasn’t replied after a while, try calling (if you have her number) and just let her know you’re not pressuring her, you just wanted to check in and see if she is ok. If you don’t have her number, try sending her a message saying something similar.

Finally, if that doesn’t work, just ask her honestly if she is no longer interested. Whether she replies or not, at least you will know. And then, move on.

27. Things to say to transition to sex

If you’re looking for sex Brisbane, it can be hard to turn a casual date into something more physical. Some girls are more up front than others, whereas others may be a little more hesitant.

Always make sure she feels comfortable first. You can always say something simple like ‘would you like to have a drink at mine after dinner’ to suss the vibe, without being too obvious, and go from there.

If you’re already getting physical, but not quite as physical as you might like, you can try something like ‘would you like to move this to the bedroom? Or ‘should we go somewhere more comfortable?’. Again, no pressure, but just sussing out the vibe.

If it’s a simple, NSA Brisbane shag, then just be up front – you’re both there for the same reasons.

28. What NOT to say to a woman during sex

If you’re lucky enough to get any single women naked and into your bed (or onto your couch, her couch, the table…whatever), follow a few simple rules to make sure you don’t kill the vibe.

Don’t ask her if you’re the best she’s ever been with, and don’t ask how many times she has had sex (and don’t discuss your own numbers). And don’t go asking or requesting weird stuff too soon.

If you’re into dogging Brisbane, or perhaps a threesome, it’s best to keep it to yourself until you know her better. Also, don’t say anything about her or her body, unless it is a compliment – for example, don’t say ‘oh, I usually never sleep with women who have pubic hair’.

Or ‘wow, your nipples are huge’. Women are pretty self-conscious, especially the first time they sleep with someone new, so be careful.

And keep the weird stuff (like ‘oh, stick your finger *THERE*’) for the third or fourth time, at least.

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29. Avoid saying or doing these things after you’ve slept with a woman

Again, women can be self-conscious. Don’t comment on her body or her looks, unless it’s a compliment (and if you’re not sure, just don’t say anything).

For example, don’t say to BBW single girls ‘oh, I usually only sleep with skinny girls’. Or vice versa. Don’t be too comfortable with your body either (no farting), at least until she’s been around for a while, and be hygienic.

And don’t just ghost her. Call or at least message her within the next day or two. If you aren’t interested anymore, at least have the decency to let her know. Girls can spend hours analysing why the guy they just slept with hasn’t called.

30. What a woman tells her friends about you after you’ve slept with her

Single dating Brisbane is a big topic of conversation for single girls across the city. There are hundreds of websites, blogs and magazines that discuss it too.

The two first things girls will tell their friends, after sleeping with you, are: whether or not it was good (a.k.a did she come?) and if she wants to see you (and do it) again. Hopefully it is a yes on all counts.

31. When looking for a fuck buddy Brisbane, three top things women look for are

Looks, flexibility and availability. In more physically focused relationships, looks are more important than in long term relationships. Flexibility is essential (and we don’t mean being able to do the splits, although that may help); women who are sexually empowered need a man who can keep up.

For example, single bisexual girls may be interested in inviting others into the bedroom, or some women may want to role play. Being available is important – there’s no point continuing the relationship if you or your partner aren’t available at times that suit each other.

Try to hook up with someone on the same rough schedule as you, to maximise your ‘opportunities’ to get laid Brisbane.

32. Improve your fashion sense

Women are more focused on how you make them feel, but that doesn’t mean looking good isn’t important. If you’re not sure of all the trends (or don’t have the wallet to keep up with them changing every other month) then stick to the classics: nice tailoring, clean lines and darker colours.

Also, remember to dress for the type of girl you are trying to impress; for example, single girls in 30s will appreciate a man dressed differently, compared to what a girl in her early 20s would.

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33. What do you do if you want to turn her into your girlfriend?

Firstly, be honest, and find out how she feels too. If she has made it clear that she is only after something casual, then perhaps she isn’t girlfriend material.

However, if you find yourself regularly doing ‘couple things’, like going out to eat, or having great conversations, then it may be worth bringing it up, and just seeing where she is at.

There are plenty of sites that will give you tips and tricks, but girls are smarter than those sites give them credit for, and do you really want to ‘trick’ someone into being with you?

Be nice, be sweet and be thoughtful, and show her gently that you really care for her so she can get a glimpse of what being your girlfriend might be like.

Best 7 Places To Meet Brisbane Single Ladies

1. Online

As we’ve just discussed, going online is the best way to meet single girls. It can be done from anywhere, tailored to meet your expectations, whatever they may be, and is a great way for guys who are usually nervous talking to girls in public a way to meet single women for free online, nice and easy, and start a conversation.

The other main benefit of online dating is that you can be very honest about what you’re after, and meet other people who are after the same thing; for example, you can easily find friends with benefits Brisbane wide online, which isn’t always as easy at a bar or at the gym.

Or you can search for something specific, like busty single ladies (which tends to be frowned upon in public).

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2. Clubs & Bars

Bars and nightclubs are great places to meet single women. Everyone is looking for a good time, and Brisbane single girls, just as much as men, are out looking to find someone to take home.

Many single girls meet up with their friends for a night on the town, to have a dance and meet cute guys, meaning half your work is already done.

It’s important to choose the right venue and vibe for the women you want to meet – if you want younger, more energetic girls, try your local overpriced nightclub (you know the one, big line at the door, constant top 40 tunes).

If you want to meet single ladies over 35, perhaps try a local wine bar or more ‘boutique’ club. And think outside the box – you can even try your local bowls clubs, or RSL’s, if you were looking for single ladies over 60 for example.

For single women no kids, bars and clubs will be your best go-to, aside from online dating sites where ladies can indicate that they don’t have kids.


3. Gym

The gym isn’t just for getting fit! When I’m looking to find single girls in my area, it’s usually the first place I look. There are plenty of girls, they’re usually dressed in leggings and tight tops, and it’s easy to start a conversation.

It’s the perfect place to find sexy girls single and ready to…spot you (haha). But seriously, there may be more single women at your local gym than anywhere else.

If you see the same girl you like a few times, it’s easy to start a convo (you already go to the same gym, so you have plenty in common to talk about; she probably hates that trainer with the loud voice too, or that old guy that hogs the bench press), or even try suggesting grabbing a coffee or a protein shake after your workout.

For example, ‘I just found the most amazing acai bowls around the corner, did you want to grab one with me?’ or ‘I’m going to need a Boost Juice after all this, want to join me?’.

Then you can ask her what her go-to flavour is, what her favourite foods are, etc. Note – do your research first, and suss out the local juice/coffee/acai places.

Super awkward if you suggest grabbing a coffee after, and don’t know where the nearest café is.

5. In the local community (Clubs/fundraisers/galleries/church etc)

One of the best ways to find and meet single girls in the area is to, well, look in your local area. Try joining a local club, or try volunteering (also adds brownie points).

You can participate in community events, such as fundraisers, visit local galleries, try learning a new skill or language or even meet someone through church!

Markets, community events, and things like local boot camps or hiking clubs are a good place to start if you’re looking for single women over 40.

Joining a gardening club, book club or fundraising committee is great for meeting single ladies over 50.

6. Parties, weddings, through friends etc

If you’re still trying to figure out how to find single girls, try asking your friends! Many of them will know single girls, or have girlfriends who can introduce you to their single friends.

If you’re looking for single women seeking men, weddings are a great spot to start – nothing makes a woman more aware of her single status than a wedding.

Tell your friends ‘I want to meet single girls near me’, and ask them to have a party or host a dinner and invite any single women they may know.

And say yes to events you wouldn’t normally say yes to – work parties, Christmas parties, your old neighbours’ kids birthday party. Actually, kids birthday parties are great for meeting single ladies in 40s.

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7. Work

It’s not the first place you would expect to meet hot single girls, but stay with us here. You spend most of your time at work, so you may as well make that work for you.

Although when you’re single dating women you work with closely it isn’t always the best idea, but try putting the word out that you’re looking for someone – the local office ladies will have you sorted in no time.

Or, try going to more work functions, where you may meet clients/suppliers/business partners or other potential working, single women Brisbane has to offer.

If you work outside an office, consider ways in which you can use your time (while remaining professional, of course) to meet single ladies, like maybe networking or expanding your current services.

And industry events and functions are great too, and again – you already have something in common with them, making it easier to strike up a conversation.



If you’re always wondering where to meet single women, or how to find them online, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common questions guys have, so you’re in good company.

Women can be complicated, and online dating a bit of a minefield. Single girls Brisbane can be busy, complicated, and hard to find, but there are plenty of ways you can make the process easier and make sure you grab her attention.

When I’m looking for single women near me, online is the first place I go. Whether you’re looking for a relationship, or just a casual fuck in Brisbane, there are plenty of ways to maximise your online dating potential, and even some great places to seek out and meet single women in real life.

Read over our tips, share them with your mates and even save them if you need to – you’ll be meeting women in no time. Now, go get out there!